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I swatched 3 popular “greige” nail polishes so you don’t have to

There’s something so undeniably chic about the color greige, don’t you think. For a while, I’d been obsessively searching for the *perfect* greige for my nails. The first one I ever purchased was Chanel’s Frenzy. Next, Essie Sand Tropez. Now, the latest addition to my collection is Essie Jazz. All very nice colors, but really really similar. For me, it was very hard to tell which one would suit me from the pictures online. Therefore, I thought I’d swatch them for you today. Hopefully, these photos will be helpful to all of you to choose the right one to get.

For reference, my hands are around MAC NC15-20.


(left to right : Essie Sand Tropez, Essie Jazz, Chanel Frenzy)
(Applied 2 coats, photos taken in natural lighting)

To my eyes, Sand Tropez is more of a beigey-nude grey, Jazz is the darkest and a true gray, Frenzy is a neutral gray with a bit of beige undertone and has the best formula out of the three.

I would say my favorite is Sand Tropez, followed by Frenzy.

(Index : Frenzy / Middle : Jazz / Ring : Sand Tropez)


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